A HALESOWEN park's friends group is appealing for people to adhere to social distancing rules after scores of youngsters gathered at the green space over the weekend.

Large numbers of teenagers were seen meeting up in groups at Huntingtree Park and there were reports of a large number of younger children playing on the climbing frame together.

Social distancing advice is for people to stay two metres apart during the coronavirus pandemic to stop Covid-19 from spreading.

Huntingtree Park Friend's Group put out a message on Facebook which stated: "Over the weekend too many young people came to the park and played in the multi-use games arena in the same way as usual.

"Dog walkers and older park users were very sensible but please for the sake of the elderly, the vulnerable and general health of the area, tell your younger family members if they come to the park, from the minute they meet up to when they go back home, they must use SOCIAL DISTANCING."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing pressure to order a widespread lockdown, as thousands ignored 'social distancing' advice with queues at supermarkets including Tesco stores in Dudley and Cradley Heath.

Mr Johnson has warned in one of his daily press conferences that the NHS could become "overwhelmed" in the same way Italy's healthcare system has.

He said "further measures" may be necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus if people did not stay two metres apart - including in the open air.