A HORRIFIED motorist discovered the gruesome remains of what she believes was a dog which had been skinned and gutted at the side of the road in Cradley.

Gina Byfield was driving along Foxcote Lane when she spotted remains spilling out of a bin bag at the side of the road at a spot popular with flytippers.

On investigation she found the bag also contained skin and fur.

She believes the remains were that of a dog, possibly a springer spaniel, with the animal having been used for meat.

The RSPCA is investigating and has appealed for anyone with information to call its appeals number on 0300 123 8018.

The news has seen photos of the horrific find, but has decided not to publish them. 

Gina, a married mum-of-four from Halesowen, made the gruesome discovery at around 4.30pm on Saturday March 14.

The 54-year-old said: "I was driving from Clent towards Colley Gate and I saw a bin liner with intestines coming out of it, so I stopped and flagged down another car coming past.

"My first thought was that it could be human remains.

"But on closer examination it looked like the hind quarters of a dog and the skin and internal organs.

"There was no bones or flesh.

"There were three or four bags - we didn't look in the others - I was worried what might be in there.

"The most likely explanation is that it was used for meat to be eaten. I think it was a springer spaniel.

"The two other people who were in the other car saw the contents of this one bag alone and the lady and her partner had pulled out the head fur/skin which had one ear attached.

"We were all of the same opinion that these were the remains of a dog that had been skinned and the remains ie the skin and internal organs had been dumped at this spot which is popular with people for disposing of rubbish.

"It's an awful thought that someone has lost a pet.

"I'm just disgusted - I feel for the animal and the owner.

"Also for something like that to be in a public place where kids and people come cycling past is disgusting.

"It smelt like it had already been there a few days."

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “We were called to a report of animal remains found in black bin liners but we are unable to identify what type of animal it was or how it died.

"Anyone with information about this should call our appeals line number on 0300 123 8018."

Nigel Tolley, of the Badgers Trust West Midlands, was contacted because at first it was thought the remains could have been that of a badger.

He said: "It's not a normal find around this area. If you generally find a dead dog in a bag it's got terrific head wounds and it's generally a bait dog which has been used in dog fighting.

"Dog fighting is huge around here - it's a hotspot - and people go round in vans collecting dogs or they have a very respectable looking couple who will go and respond to free to a good home dog adverts.

"But this is a bit of a mystery."