GROUPS of young people who have continued to congregate in Lye despite government rules urging for social distancing have been warned they face fines if they do not stay at home.

Lye neighbourhood officers have this week been urging Romanian nationals who live in the town and often congregate by Christ Church to adhere to the national guidelines issued to help prevent the spread of deadly COVID19.

Stourbridge PCSO Neal Hunt said after a visit to the town yesterday (March 25): "We were joined with an interpreter who spoke to residents about the issues surrounding the coronavirus

"We also left leaflets with residents again offering advice and reiterating the dangers of the virus and government advice that has been given out."

He urged all residents in Lye to adhere to the guidance given out - adding that a group of young adults had been spoken to several times "but still thought it was ok to ignore the advice and were still together several hours later".

PCSO Hunt urged parents to ensure they know where there children are and that they stay at home - and he added: "The police will have the power to issue fines. If it’s the only way to get the message across then a fine will be issued."