A STOURBRIDGE schoolgirl has penned a poem urging people to stay inside during the coronavirus crisis to help prevent the spread of deadly COVID-19.

Nine-year-old Maisey Rose Whitelaw, who is a pupil at St James's Primary School, Wollaston, has written the optimistic rhyme entitled Keeping Safe which urges people to use Facetime and their phones to stay in touch with loved ones as Britain battles to get a grip on the outbreak.

The schoolgirl wrote to the News saying: "I am isolating with my mommy and step-dad and baby brother because we have some symptoms

"I’ve been writing a poem today that I wanted to share."

She's hoping to get her message out to as many people as possible and also hopes to bring it to the attention of Prime Minister Boris Johnson who has now himself been confirmed to have coronavirus.

Maisey's proud mum Sarah Wells said: "I’m very proud of Maisey. It’s tough as she can’t see her dad, friends or family as we have been in isolation and she also missed her last two days of school.

Dudley News:

"However, she’s amazing and has occupied her time with writing this poem, dancing, doing workouts, maths and English, baking and helping out with her baby brother, aged 22 months.

"It is hard to keep everyone happy and entertained and to also work from home but she is so helpful and we just wish everyone would listen to the instructions so we can get through this as quickly as possible and work together.

"She gets it, she’s golden."

Keeping safe

You can keep safe by staying inside,

But this doesn’t mean you have to hide.

Instead you can wave

You can FaceTime

Or phone

So let’s have a think and try not to moan.

If your friends call you and ask you to meet,

Say ‘no thanks’ I’m not aloud in the street

Instead you can paint

You can cook

You can play,

So let’s just enjoy this fine, sunny day.

You may have a temperature, cough or a cold,

So listen to instructions that you have been told.

People go out

They ignore

And break rules,

Why aren’t they listening, they have closed all the schools!

A mark of this virus is no smell or taste,

Look after loved ones, there’s no lives to waste.

Just listen to Boris,

The government,

And Queen,

SERIOUSLY! They are not being mean.

This virus is spreading we need it to end,

Let’s all work together and get on the mend.

Now don’t be selfish

Be thoughtful,

And kind

If you don’t stick to this, have you lost your mind?

Only go out if your reasons are prime,

DO NOT have the police give you a fine.

Family and friends you can see real soon,

Then we can celebrate and be over the moon.

So stick to the rules, we're in it together.

Let’s get rid of this virus FOREVER AND FOREVER!