A STOURBRIDGE family's dispute over a dog-shaped birthday cake left the courtroom of Judge Rinder and TV viewers rolling around the floor with laughter.

Evie Edwards, of Baylie Street, was accompanied by her mum Amanda for the light-hearted TV showdown with her aunt Janice McElhone after a disagreement over a family cake.

Evie, aged 23, and her sister Amy had solicited help from their aunt Janice, a dental hygienist turned cake maker, to create a cake in the image of their pet dog Albert, a great Dane and English mastiff cross, for their mum's 50th birthday in February.

The cake, however, was not quite such a good likeness of lifesaving blood donor dog Albert as they had hoped.

"It looks more like a sheep," Judge Rinder said.

Defending herself, Janice described the £150 cake as "bespoke" and she said it tasted nice - adding: "There's not another cake the same as that."

To make amends - Janice quickly made a second chocolate cake but TV Judge Robert Rinder described that one as looking like "regurgitated burgers" and he awarded Evie and her mum £150 for their trouble, telling Janice: "Before you start charging money I suggest you perhaps work a bit longer - for perhaps three, four, five, I don't know, ten years. Eventually with enough work you might be in a position to charge for your services."

Sisters Janice and Amanda, however, have since put the cake disaster firmly behind them.

Amanda said after the airing of the show, which was filmed back in March: "I was very surprised at the cake. She’s since found a course to improve. I love her, so I don’t really mind."

Janice said afterwards that all had been forgiven and she even baked Evie a cake for her 23rd birthday earlier this month. She added: "They taste far better than they look. If practice makes perfect, I'm keeping on practising."

The episode can be seen on the ITV player.