PEOPLE have taken to Twitter to bemoan "selfish" litter louts who left their rubbish lying around at a borough beauty spot over the weekend.

Photographer Joanna Noble took pictures at Himley Hall documenting the litter left spilling out around the bins in the surrounding parkland.

She said: "An early morning walk around the beautiful grounds of Himley Hall and we’re greeted by this. We’re not even out of lockdown and this is how people behave."

The mum-of-two added: "We've had three weeks of unspoilt countryside to enjoy and you would think now more than ever people would appreciate what we have, and that’s what they do.

"I just found it really disappointing. People know what pressures our key workers and services are under and instead of taking their rubbish home - they left it for someone else to clean up, when they could have quite easily taken it with them."

Other Twitter posters agreed with her, with one saying: "Makes me so angry, such a lovely place too." Another added: "Oh no! This is awful, irresponsible behaviour." And another said: "I’m seeing this more and’s truly shocking."

Dudley Council said the litter problem had been reported to its Green Care Team to be cleared up.