AN INQUEST has recorded an open verdict into the death of a 47-year-old Halesowen woman who fell from a window.

Michelle Gilbert, who lived in flats at Ankerdine Court, died nine days after falling around 10-metres from the window of her flat.

Police were called to the incident.

An inquest held at the Black Country Coroners' Court in Oldbury this morning (Wednesday May 28) heard that Miss Gilbert had a history of depression and had been prescribed medication by her GP.

Senior Black Country coroner Zafar Siddique told the court Miss Gilbert's mother said her daughter was concerned that people were gossiping about her and were going to send a letter to social services and that she was worried she might not be able to see her grandchildren.

The inquest heard she was taken to A&E at the Q.E hospital at around 7.40pm on Thursday March 12 after falling out of the window - and it was suspected this may have been deliberate.

He said a CT scan showed she had suffered multiple injuries and that despite medical treatment on March 21 she developed respiratory failure and passed away at around 1.49pm.

Her cause of her death was noted as multiple organ failure and severe traumatic injuries, with liver cirrhosis as a contributory factor.

The inquest heard Wolverhampton-born Ms Gilbert, who was single, had suffered panic attacks and anxiety in 2013.

In the same year she had contact with mental health services because she was suffering from depression due to a bereavement.

She was discharged to the Cruse bereavement charity for counselling. The inquest also heard that she had self-harmed aged 17.

But Mr Siddique said Miss Gilbert had not left a note and there was no evidence of recent self-harming or suicidal thoughts.

He said it was not clear whether the fall from the window had been intentional or an accident.

He recorded an open verdict and passed his condolences to the family of Miss Gilbert.