A HUSBAND and wife team have celebrated a decade in business at Blackheath Cash Converters.

David and Michelle Rudge have owned the Long Lane store since July 2010.

And they have been joined the whole time by loyal manager Neil Bytheway.

Franchisee, David, aged 60, alongside Michelle, aged 50, opened the store in July 2010 and have remained at the same site with the same team for the lifetime of the store.

The store is very much a family affair with their son Tom, aged 18, recently joining the team to learn the ropes of the family business.

It has seen a steady rate of business over the last ten years, and David and Michelle say that many of their customers have returned after lockdown.

David said: “We’re really proud to have reached an entire decade in business, it has gone by in a flash!

“The Blackheath store is a real family-run business.

"Not only do Michelle and I work together alongside our son, but we’re also really fortunate to have had the support of our manager, Neil, for the entire time we have been open.

"I think our family focus and close-working relationships have been a big part of our success.

“Our customers are also a big part of our history and our success, and many of them have visited the store consistently for the past ten years.

“We reopened in mid-June, following the COVID-19 pandemic, and were pleased to see lots of familiar faces and a real increase in sales.

“The landscape of the high street has certainly changed a lot in the past ten years, but we feel very lucky to be part of a thriving community who continue to support us.”