A NETHERTON woman with a passion for upcycling is appealing for donations of empty tin cans to help her keep up with the demand for her artwork.

Tina Jinks turns tin cans into prettily decorated lamps, bird feeders and garden lanterns and planters which she sells in her Etsy store online.

She said: "I started last year because I got fed up of throwing away my dogs food tins, not sure if they'd end up in landfill.

"It seemed a shame not to try and make something with them.

"So after lots of trial and error I came up with the lamps and then since I've expanded to bird feeders and garden lanterns and fence planters."

A care home has been kindly supplying her with empty 800g tins but she says she is now in need of more to continue creating the quirky homeware items.

Mum-of-three Tina, a former teaching assistant, said: "They're not the normal size soup cans, they're the next size up."

She also makes pen pot holders, trinket dishes and other unique gifts. She said: "The latest thing is I'm trying to make work is old glasses lenses for earrings."

Anyone able to help donate any 800g tin cans can contact her by emailing eebaymommy@yahoo.co.uk or check out her Etsy store at etsy.com/shop/thunderboltlighttins/.