A SECURITY worker from Dudley had the surprise of his life after winning a brand new Mercedes worth more than £50,000 plus £120,000 in cash.

Mohammed Ahmed, aged 34, was left speechless by the win after his success in the national BOTB competition.

He was shaking in disbelief when BOTB presenter Christian Wiliams turned up at his door to tell him he had won this week’s prize - a brand-new Mercedes A45S AMG.

BOTB has given away over £34 million worth of prizes, including supercars, cash and holidays since being founded by William Hindmarch in 1999.

Mohammed also won an extra £100k on top of the Mercedes and the £20,000 that he played for - taking the total prize worth to more than £170,000 thanks to the competition’s Super Summer Special.

Responding to his win, Mohammed said: “I’ve never even sat in a brand-new car before - this is totally surreal.

"It’s a complete dream come true. It’s the next thing to winning the lottery I think.

Asked what he will spend his winnings on, Mohammed said: "I think I’ll pay off some of the mortgage as well as build a new driveway - I’m going to need somewhere nice to park my new car!

"After that, I think I’ll treat my family and friends to a nice holiday somewhere hot.”

Christian, who surprises BOTB winners all over the country each week, said: “I have the best job in the world, surprising winners with the cars of their dreams each week.

“You could just tell how much this meant to Mohammed - he was absolutely gobsmacked, I even thought he was going to faint at one point!

“He is such a lovely guy and I’m so happy for him. £120,000 is a lot of money that I’m sure will do wonders for him and his family and the car is a fantastic choice.”