AFTER another lovely, warm day it could turn thundery later this evening (Monday).

The Met Office has issued a yellow thunder storm warning for across England including the West Midlands region – with torrential downpours in places and a risk of hail - but forecasters have said “there is significant uncertainty in location and timing”.

The warning says “some places are likely to see severe thunderstorms” and there is a small chance of flooding, power cuts and delays and cancellations to public transport and power.

Driving conditions may also be poor so motorists out later this evening are advised to take care.

Forecasters have also warned: “There is a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life.”

There may be some late sunny spells between any showers and it is expected to be largely dry with clear spells overnight – but remaining warm and humid with a minimum temperature of 14 °C.

And Tuesday looks set to follow a similar pattern – another very hot day is forecast starting with a largely dry morning with sunshine and cloud, and a risk of heavy, perhaps thundery, showers later.

Temperatures could get as high as 32°C – hotter than Madrid in Spain was today (Monday).