An interactive map has been set up to help find free meals for kids across the country during the half term holidays.

It comes after scores of people and businesses right across the country took to social media in support of a campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford for free meals to be extended in England over the school holidays.

Here's what you need to know - and how to get involved.

Who set up the map?

A group called 'All Of Us Together' set up the service, which was inspired by Marcus Rashford.

When was it set up?

The map was set up on October 24. In a post on the All Of Us Together Facebook page, the group said: "We’ve created a live map of all of the organisations, restaurants and cafes offering free school meals for children during half term."

How to find free school meals near you

To view the map, go to:

Can I add a contribution?

Yes, the group are accepting submissions from areas across the country. To make a contribution, visit: