AIR pollution across Dudley has been cut, but there are still six places where it is too high.

Nitrogen Dioxide in the air is dangerous for people’s long-term health, especially children, and in 2018 there were nine sites in the borough that exceeded health targets.

But the latest analysis shows that has been cut to six, and three of those are very close to coming down below the threshold.

Dudley Council measures the pollutant, which is mainly caused by vehicle fumes, at 45 sites across the borough.

A report to the council on Thursday says there is a “gradual downward trend” in the levels of NO2 in the borough.

Monitoring to the end of 2019 shows the number of places exceeding target levels has fallen to six. All six are lower than they were, and three are ‘very close’ to target.

The six are Halesowen Road, Netherton; High Street, Wordsley; High Street, Quarry Bank; Birmingham Road, Dudley; Windmill Hill, Cradley; and Hall Street, Dudley.

No other air pollutants are exceeding national air quality objectives, the report says.

Councillor Nicolas Barlow, cabinet member for health and adult social care, said: “Air pollution is bad for health.

“Statistics show it particularly affects children and older people, the most vulnerable in our society.

“A lot of hard work has gone in to driving the levels down across the borough.

“The figures are very pleasing, although of course we recognise there is still work that needs to be done to secure further improvements.”

The report was compiled for the Place Scrutiny Committee being held on Thursday evening via digital links.