A COUNCILLOR who took up the fight against a ‘hideous’ 66-ft mast erected ‘outside people’s windows’ has reluctantly accepted defeat.

But the fight is not completely over, with one local campaigner continuing to argue that the mast was erected illegally.

Dudley Councillor Bryan Cotterill says he accepts there is nothing more he and his fellow ward councillor can do about the 5G mobile phone mast erected in the Lawnwood Road, Saltwells Road area.

“We did our best but we have to accept we are not going to get it moved.”

Cllr Cotterill has queried the ‘common sense’ of putting it outside people’s flats and said: “I would not want a mast outside my living room window and I don’t see why others should.”

But he says ‘sad though it is, there’s nothing more we can do about it.

“The government say they want these masts all over the place and we are assured there are no health issues.”

Campaigner Richard Lowe, who led 64 residents to object to the mast, continues to argue that Dudley Council broke planning regulations when they installed it and now claims that they failed to give adequate notice before closing the road this week to attach the power supply to the mast.

The council insist they did not break planning regulations and that the road closure application by Western Power was in accordance with the law and residents were informed via notices in the street.