WATER company bosses say they have been working hard to fix a leaking sewage pipe that has left water streaming down Quarry Bank High Street but the town's councillor has told of his 'disgust' at how long the problem has rumbled on for.

Councillor Chris Barnett has told how he has reported the problem on a number of occasions and a resident said he fears an accident will happen on the steep High Street when temperatures fall below freezing.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, told the News: "There's thousands of gallons of water coming out every week. Soon it's going to freeze and there's going to be an accident. Cars are going to skid everywhere."

Dudley News:

He said the problem has been "going on and on" and that workmen from Severn Trent have been revisiting the location almost daily and he added: "Every time I look out of the window there's a lorry with a great big pipe. I've tried to get through to Severn Trent to no avail."

Cllr Barnett said: "I've reported it to Dudley Council on more than one occasion. They're relying on Severn Trent to put it right. It's a serious issue. It's not just the worry of freezing water. The leak is not clean water. I'm absolutely disgusted that it's been left to go on for so long. I appreciate that Severn Trent have attended the leak on several occasions. But there's only ever a temporary fix. It needs to be fixed properly for the sake of the health and safety of Quarry Bank residents."

A spokesman for Severn Trent said of the situation: “We’re really sorry to customers who’ve been affected by the issue with the pipe on Quarry Bank High Street.

"This problem has taken a little longer than usual to fix due to another incorrectly connected pipe that had to be found and fixed first."

The company said the pipe on the High Street is for surface water drainage but the incorrectly connected pipe, which needs fixing first, is a sewage pipe and she added: "We are working with Dudley Council to get this rectified as soon as possible and work to make these repairs is set to start soon. In the meantime we are pumping excess water off-site to avoid any flooding in the area. We’re doing everything we can to make these repairs as quickly and as safely as possible and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”