THE Black Country Living Museum vaccination centre is now giving Covid-19 jabs to over 65s at a rate of more than 1,000 day, Stourbridge's MP Suzanne Webb has said.

Conservative MP Ms Webb visited the mass vaccination site in Tipton Road, Dudley, yesterday (Wednesday) to talk to staff and volunteers who are administering the vaccine to residents.

All of the top four priority groups have been immunised on schedule and the second phase is now in action, she said.

A team of 89 nurses and pharmacists, working across two shifts and backed up by volunteers, have been making sure the rollout continues at pace and as efficiently as possible, she told the News - adding: “I was truly inspired by everyone I met because they are making a huge difference to everyone’s life right now jab by jab.

Suzanne Webb MP visiting the Black Country Living Museum which has become a mass Covid-19 vaccination centre

Suzanne Webb MP visiting the Black Country Living Museum which has become a mass Covid-19 vaccination centre

“A couple of standouts were the dedicated team of pharmacists and the fabulous matron Sara Davis, who oversees the smooth running of the site.

“I also met a young woman who had lost her job due to the collapse of the Arcadia retail group but she has rolled up her sleeves and is now a fully-fledged administrator for the vaccination roll out.

“The whole operation was full of very impressive and resourceful individuals and I know those who were receiving their jabs today are mightily grateful.”

Suzanne was also told the second dose of the vaccines will take place in parallel to those coming for the first one and more sites will be coming online to make sure the pace is kept up.

The museum will remain a vaccination centre until at least July but it is expected it will be longer.

Ms Webb has also become a volunteer Covid Champion to help the community with help and advice in dealing with issues arising from the pandemic.

The MP undertook online training for the role with more than 14 other local people who volunteered to give their time to help their communities.

Dudley Council invited people to take on the role which involves ensuring residents remain up to date with the latest advice about coronavirus on subjects like how and where they can get tested and how to stay safe.

Champions can also feedback on what is and isn’t working in terms of information and how communities might be reached more effectively.

Ms Webb said: “For many years now, I have been committed to volunteering in various guises and I thought this was an important role that would make a difference to Stourbridge residents.

“I am certainly busy with my work but now MPs are not having to travel to Westminster, I took the decision to do my bit for a few hours a week to make sure people are kept informed about what is the most important subject we have to grapple with.

“I would like to thank all the other people on my course who are prepared to give their time too."

Dudley North MP Marco Longhi has also been volunteering to help in the fight against Covid-19 and spent a number of hours helping out at the museum vaccination centre.