A SPOKESPERSON for Cash Converters has confirmed the Stourbridge store has now closed for good and merged with the outlet in Dudley.

The store has been a staple of the town's High Street for many years but it pulled down the shutters for the final time amid the latest lockdown.

A spokesperson for Cash Converters confirmed the closure and said: “All Stourbridge customers have been automatically transferred to our neighbouring Dudley store and any items left with us through lockdown have been safely transferred.”

Nathan Sermon, franchise owner at Cash Converters, added: “We can confirm that we have taken the decision to merge our Stourbridge and Dudley franchises together to build a stronger, better-stocked central store for our customers.

"Our existing customers at Stourbridge have been contacted about being transferred to our Dudley store and we’re pleased that customers have been supportive of the move.

"As part of this move, we have transferred two of our four employees over to our Dudley store.

"One remaining employee was supported in securing a new role, and the other chose to leave the business to travel.”