THE world’s most dangerous bird species has returned to Dudley Zoo and Castle - after a 14-year absence.

A ten year-old male Southern Cassowary has arrived from Paignton Zoo and moved into a newly-designed exhibit at the Castle Hill attraction.

The Australian native flightless bird is considered one of the closest living relatives to dinosaurs.

Its long talons, a helmeted head plate and powerful legs make it a force to be reckoned with.

Section leader, Nicola Wright, said: “The bird department are delighted to welcome back this species after more than a decade.

“He’s a stunning individual and is settling in well. Now it’s just a case of getting to know his personality and watching him settle into his new habitat.

“We can’t wait for our visitors to come and see our very own dinosaur.”

Pre-book only tickets are now available at for admissions from Monday April 12.