SUMMIT Garage in Gornalwood has responded to claims of ‘bad parking.’

A reader sent pictures of ‘bad parking’ to The News of cars outside Summit Garage, claiming the garage put the cars out between 9am and 5pm. This restricted pedestrian access forcing people with pushchairs and those who are disabled to walk in the road.

Speaking to The News, co-owner of Summit Garage, John Newey said the land adjacent to the building is not pavement and the garage owns the land.

He said: “In the 1970s the council offered to buy the land, but we declined. In the 1980s, Dudley Council resurfaced pavements from the Bulls Head pub on the Himley Road up to our front gates and stopped. They then continued to resurface after the garage as the frontage and side of the garage is not owned by the council. We tarmacked our land ourselves.”

After images were posted of ‘bad parking’ John has changed the way the display cars are parked outside the garage. Instead of parked straight, they are now parked diagonal.

He has also informed The News that the garage rents the car park of the pub opposite, The Bush Inn, for customers to park during the day.