Labour candidate Simon Foster has stormed to victory as the West Midlands’ new Police and Crime Commissioner.

The solicitor held out over competition from Conservative candidate Jay Singh-Sohal to take over from outgoing commissioner David Jamieson (Lab).

Mr Foster won in the second round of results after voters’ second choices were taken into account – winning 301,406 ahead of 259,839 for Mr Singh-Sohal.

The result bucks the trend seen elsewhere in the region and country where Conservatives have made gains and Labour have seen losses.

Mr Foster’s pledges ahead of election included putting 450 extra community police officers on the streets, making violence against women and girls a top priority and investment in youth services and support through schools to prevent knife crime.

In the first round, Mr Foster came first in Birmingham, Sandwell, Coventry and Wolverhampton while Jay Singh-Sohal won in Walsall, Dudley and Solihull.

Mr Foster will take over as PCC at 12 midnight on May 13, when current PCC David Jamieson will cease to hold the role.

Mr Singh-Sohal had campaigned against the closures of police stations around the West Midlands under Mr Jamieson.

The other candidates were Cllr Jon Hunt (Lib Dem), Julie Hambleton (independent), Desmond Jaddoo (We Matter Party) and Mark Hoath (Reform UK).

Following the first round result in which he came third, Liberal Democrat candidate Cllr Jon Hunt said he had stood to “make a point” about a decline in community policing.

He said: “I think we have had a rigorous debate and I am hoping whatever happens we get some improvement in local policing.”


Second round totals

Jay Singh-Sohal (Con) – 259,839

Simon Foster – 301,406

First round

Jay Singh-Sohal (Con) – 239,288

Simon Foster (Lab) – 276,743

Jon Hunt (Lib Dem) – 38,954

Julie Hambleton (Ind) – 27,664

Desmond Jaddoo (We Matter Party) – 7,745

Mark Hoath (Reform UK) – 18,002