NEW Conservative councillors elected onto Dudley Council have pledged to get their teeth stuck into a raft of local issues.

Community campaigner Adam Davies (Conservative) enjoyed perhaps one of the biggest victories in the borough when he ousted Labour's Serena Craigie in Brierley Hill.

Cllr Davies, who lives in the ward, was delighted to have gained a seat on the council and to have won in a ward that had not gone to the Tories since 1975.

He said: “The feeling on the doorsteps was so positive, but to see it actually translate into this result is something else. It was worth the hard work.”

After a hectic few months of campaigning the old fashioned way - he's now looking forward to getting stuck in.

In recent weeks he's already taken up the baton to try to tackle the dog poo hotspots in the wards.

Cllr Davies, pictured below, also involved in a project that aims to breathe new life back into a Brierley Hill’s historic High Street and has been spearheading a campaign to retell the history of the Delph's well-known Nine Locks by restoring an old stable block at the landmark site.Dudley News: New Brierley Hill councillor Adam DaviesNew Brierley Hill councillor Adam Davies

Meanwhile, Kamran Razzaq (pictured below), who has become a first-time councillor for Amblecote after a number of earlier unsuccessful attempts to break into local politics, said he'd be busy campaigning for better facilities at Brompton Park and trying to get more benches in parks and bins installed in the ward.

Dudley News: New Amblecote councillor Kamran RazzaqNew Amblecote councillor Kamran Razzaq

He also plans to continue liaising with the police and Street Watch team to try to tackle anti-social behaviour and he added: "We are hoping to double up street watch with a speed watch programme working with locals community and PCSOs. We have a lot of plans in motion for Amblecote."

New Kingswinford North and Wall Heath councillor Shaz Saleem, who formerly stood as a Labour candidate, described his win as "surreal" and he said of the result: “The people they came out in volumes. One of the main pledges is to be an active councillor 365 days a year.”

Cllr Saleem (pictured below), founder of the Saleem Foundation and chairman of Dudley Private Hire and Taxi Association, was over the moon to become a first-time councillor - just days after he claimed to have fallen victim to a last-minute dirty tricks campaign.Dudley News: Shaz Saleem - new councillor for Kingswinford North and Wall HeathShaz Saleem - new councillor for Kingswinford North and Wall Heath

He told the News he had made an official complaint to Dudley’s returning officer about an unauthorised election letter sent out to residents in the final days of the local election as well as reporting it to the police as he claims the material gave voters the impression he was standing to represent the Muslim community primarily.

He said he was "extremely outraged" by it - adding that he felt it had been"designed to insight racial hatred towards a Muslim candidate and influence voters".

But he told the News: "I’m here to represent everyone.”

Other Conservative newcomers include James Clinton who has picked up the seat occupied by fellow Tory Les Jones since 1999. His father Rob Clinton was successful in Quarry Bank - gaining the seat formerly occupied by long-serving Labour councillor Bryan Cotterill who has retired, and Dave Borley claimed victory in Lye - taking Vanessa Wale's former seat after she stood down.

Meanwhile, Tory Rebbekah Collins claimed victory in Brockmoor and Pensnett after defeating long-serving Labour councillor John Martin who had held the seat since 2012.

The full results by ward:


Ellen Cobb (Labour) – 1,044

Ian Flynn (Liberal Democrats) – 119

Adrian Mabe (Green) – 123

Kamran Razzaq (Conservative) – 1,950

Jake Woodley (Independent) – 111

Turnout: 33.49 per cent

Belle Vale:

Daniel Bevan (Conservative) – 2,058

Peter Dobb (Conservative) – 1,779

Bill McComish (Green) – 290

Marjorie Pounder (Liberal Democrats) – 131

Savannah Southern (Labour) – 1,234

Andrew Tromans (Labour) – 976

Turnout: 35.05 per cent

Brierley Hill:

Claire Bramall (Liberal Democrats) – 84

Trevor Bunn (Reform UK) – 97

Serena Craigie (Labour) – 1.011

Adam Davies (Conservative) – 1,692

Turnout: 28.44 per cent

Brockmoor & Pensnett:

Rebbekah Collins (Conservative) – 1,207

Steve Edwards (Black Country Party) – 546

John Martin (Labour) – 919

Turnout: 27.8 per cent

Castle & Priory:

Margaret Aston (Labour) – 1,469

Liz Tilly (Liberal Democrats) – 116

Mark Webb (Conservative) – 1,430

Turnout: 26.35 per cent

Coseley East:

Lynette Corfield (Conservative) – 1,068

Sue Ridney (Labour) – 1,330

Helen Wimlett (UKIP) – 116

Turnout: 26.66 per cent

Cradley & Wollescote:

Natalie Neale (Conservative) – 1,395

Gaye Partridge (Labour) – 1, 232

Ryan Priest (Liberal Democrats) – 346

Sarah Smith (Black Country Party) – 199

Turnout: 33.01 per cent


Marian Howard (Labour) – 877

Mollie Priest (Liberal Democrats) – 68

David Stanley (Conservative) – 2,362

Stuart Turner (Social Democratic Party) – 71

Phil Wimlett (UKIP) – 75

Turnout: 33.97 per cent

Halesowen North:

Hilary Bills (Labour) – 1,498

Stuart Henley (Conservative) – 1,906

Andrew McKay (Liberal Democrats) – 107

Turnout: 38.55 per cent

Halesowen South:

Derek Campbell (Liberal Democrats) – 159

Nick Gregory (Black Country Party) – 142

Donella Russell (Labour) – 910

David Vickers (Conservative) – 2,520

James Windridge (Green) – 230

Turnout: 41.02 per cent

Hayley Green & Cradley South:

Tony Barnsley (Lab) – 838

Ruth Buttery (Con) – 2,158

John Payne (Green) – 78

Ethan Stafford (Lib Dem) – 191

Turnout: 35.86 per cent

Netherton Woodside & St Andrew’s:

Helen Betts-Patel (Labour) – 1,178

Damian Corfield (Conservative) – 1,329

Tracey Gregg (Liberal Democrats) – 65

Alexander Wright (Green) – 172

Turnout: 35.86 per cent

Kingswinford North & Wall Heath:

Phil Atkins (Conservative) – 2,358

Richard Lloyd (Labour) – 1,066

Shaz Saleem (Conservative) – 1,872

David Sheppard (Liberal Democrats) – 283

Adam Woodhall (Labour) – 1,132

Turnout: 41.88 per cent

Kingswinford South:

Elizabeth Geeves (Liberal Democrats) – 434

Luke Johnson (Conservative) – 2,465

Daniel Round (Labour) – 771

Turnout: 36.99 per cent

Lye & Stourbridge North:

Dave Borley (Conservative) – 1,426

Gary Farmer (Libertarian Party) – 273

Abdul Qadus (Liberal Democrats) – 239

Maz Qari (Labour) – 1,116

Lawrence Rowlett (Green) – 159

Turnout: 35.28 per cent

Netherton Woodside & St Andrew’s:

Helen Betts-Patel (Labour) – 1,178

Damian Corfield (Conservative) – 1,329

Tracey Gregg (Liberal Democrats) – 65

Alexander Wright (Green) – 172

Turnout: 27.48 per cent


Pam Archer (Green) – 378

Christopher Brammall (Liberal Democrats) – 295

Laura Taylor (Conservative) – 2,660

Paul White (Labour) – 829

Tim Woodley (Independent) – 86

Turnout: 45 per cent

Pedmore & Stourbridge East:

James Clinton (Conservative) – 2,713

Simon Hanson (Liberal Democrats) – 188

Catherine Maguire (Green) – 235

Rachel Tudor (Labour) – 1.054

Glen Wilson (Black Country Party) – 133

Turnout: 45.19 per cent

Quarry Bank & Dudley Wood:

Rob Clinton (Conservative) – 1,528

Richard Priest (Liberal Democrats) – 50

Brian Roe (Labour) – 912

Jason Sprintall (Green) – 121

Turnout: 26.08 per cent


Steve Beardsmore (Labour) – 779

Martin Day (Libertarian Party) – 131

Michael Evans (Conservative) – 2,530

Turnout: 36.35 per cent

St James’s:

Asif Ahmed (Labour) – 1,084

Alison Miller (Liberal Democrats) – 179

Wayne Sullivan (Conservative) – 1,471

Turnout: 27.21 per cent

St Thomas’s:

Shaukat Ali (Labour) – 1,853

Nicola Fisher (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 118

Sajid Hanif (Conservative) – 1,490

Sofie Harris (Liberal Democrats) – 153

Turnout: 34.8 per cent

Upper Gornal & Woodsetton:

Keiran Casey (Labour) – 1,313

Rich Colley (UKIP) – 50

Andy Griffin (Reform UK) – 80

Benjamin Perry (Liberal Democrats) – 43

Mark Westwood (Conservative) – 1,397

Turnout: 29.47 per cent

Wollaston & Stourbridge Town:

Jonathan Bramall (Liberal Democrats) – 164

Cat Eccles (Labour) – 1,678

Alan Hopwood (Conservative) – 2,176

Maxim Lowe (Black Country Party) – 200

Andi Mohr (Green) – 237

Turnout: 44.39 per cent


Muhammed Ikhlaq (Labour) – 579

Kerry Lewis (Conservative) – 2,466

Elaine Sheppard (Liberal Democrats) – 177

Jennifer Slater-Reid (Green) – 179

Turnout: 35.06 per cent