AN historic blue plaque to remember the Hingley family, world famous for their work creating the anchor for the iconic Titanic, has been unveiled.

The plaque was unveiled on the gatepost of the former Hatherton Lodge - all that remains of the former home of the local industrial and political dynasty.

The buildings and land on Drews Holloway, Cradley, had been standing derelict and in disrepair but the site has now been developed to accommodate seven four-bedroom homes, with the land owner Mr Field retaining the gatepost and sponsoring the blue plaque to mark the significance of the site which was home to the Hingley family of local ironmasters and politicians from 1861.

Noah Hingley (1796-1877) and later his son Benjamin Hingley (1830-1905) resided there, and founded the Hingleys works in Netherton, where the anchor for the Titanic was famously assembled in 1910.

Hingleys made the shackle, pins and chain, whilst the shaft was made at the Walter Somers forge, Halesowen, and the side arms in Newcastle.

The anchor was the largest in the world at the time, 18ft 6 inches long and weighing over 15 tons.

A replica of the deck anchor can be seen in Netherton when it was donated by Channel 4 as part of a documentary series and public celebration.

Mayor of Dudley, Councillor Anne Millward, said: "The replica anchor continues to be an eye-catching reminder of the work of the chain making and iron industry in Netherton in the late 1800s onwards. But being able to place this plaque on the site of the Hingley family home helps us to remember them as the remarkable individuals they were - groundbreaking in terms of industry and scale of work, but also their political and social works."

Cllr Millward who attended the unveiling of the plaque with council officers, Dudley borough artist Steve Field and developer Lol Field, from the Field of Dreams Children’s Home in the Philippines, added: "We’re really grateful to Mr Field for retaining the pillar and funding the plaque so visitors to the site can be reminded of its importance."

Noah was also Mayor of Dudley from 1869 to 1870 as later was his son in 1887-88, while Benjamin also became an MP for North Worcester from 1888-95, High Sheriff of Worcester in 1900-01 and President of the Mining Association of Great Britain in 1903.

He was entitled Baronet in 1893. Both father and son were also made Aldermen of the borough.

Noah the father was a philanthropist supporting education, religion and poor relief, including setting up the Cradley ragged schools.