A BBC TWO documentary will air tonight, explaining the forensic work behind the investigation into the deaths of two men who were killed with a crossbow in Brierley Hill.

Saghawat Ramzan, his son Omar Ramzan, and Mohammed Sageer claimed they acted in self-defence when they killed Khuzaimah Douglas, aged 19, and Saghawat’s own brother, Waseem Ramzan, aged 36.

The three men were handed life sentences at Wolverhampton Crown Court on March 12.

The Ramzan’s lived next door to their professional and lucrative cannabis factory in Pensnett Road enabling them to keep a close eye on any potential risks, including those posed from other criminals.

At 3.30am on February 20 last year, the house was raided by a group of around 10 people wanting to steal their crop.

Armed with a crossbow and sword, Saghawat began to attack the raiders, firing a shot from his crossbow which just missed.

They tried to run away but one of the robbers, Khuzaimah, was caught by Waseem and wrestled to the ground.

At this point Mohammed Sageer arrived and joined in the attack.

Khuzaimah struggled to free himself, but all three men attacked him and Saghawat reloaded his crossbow with a bolt and fired at almost point-blank range in the direction of Khuzaimah.

He missed and hit his brother, Waseem, in the left side of his abdomen.

Saghawat Ramzan was sentenced to a minimum term of 33 years for the murder of Khuzaimah Douglas and his own brother Waseem Ramzan.

Omar Ramzan, the son of Saghawat and nephew of Waseem, was jailed for 22 years for the murder of Mr Douglas and the manslaughter of Waseem.

Mohammed Sageer, was jailed for 20 years for the murder of Mr Douglas and the manslaughter of Waseem.

The first episode of the second series of Forensics: The Real CSI is called Fatal Weapon Unknown will air at 9pm tonight.