NEW toilet facilities are being installed at Russells Hall Hospital to help the disabled attend appointments in greater comfort and safety.

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust has begun work on the facility as part of a national drive to up the profile of the problems people with physical and mental disabilities often have when attending public places.

Changing Places Awareness Day is being held today Monday, July 19. The new toilet at Russells Hall will feature an adjustable changing bench, a hoist system and space for a disabled person plus two carers.

The Trust is upgrading one of its existing disabled toilets off the hospital's main corridor.

Jacqui Passmore, lead nurse for the learning disability team, said: "To have this facility in the Trust will make a huge difference for people when they need to come into Russells Hall Hospital - it will enable them to attend appointments without fear or stress.

"People currently have to limit the amount they drink to avoid needing the toilet, or need to be changed either on the floor or have a risk to their safety by being manually lifted out of their wheelchairs by their carers.

"This facility will enable our patients to be independent with the dignity they need."