Young Voices: Our teenage writer, Olivia Harris, takes a look at the summer holidays and if six weeks off is what teenagers need right now.

For us teenagers, our six week or more summer has just begun, and for many a long six weeks full of relaxation. However, how much relaxing will we really want to take part in this year?

Having missed out on what seems like two years of socialising, I know that I’m already trying to make as many plans as possible to fill my summer with a taste of freedom. No matter how old you are, fun social events and spontaneous plans are what we crave. If you’re planning on packing your summer schedule tight with plans or staying at home to take that time back for yourself, a controversial question arises. Do we need all this time off after the year of lockdowns and missed education?

To answer this question, we might look at how hard we had to work during periods of online learning and the constant struggles that these past few years have brought. We may have had time at home, but it definitely was not a time for social gatherings and teenage fun. This realisation makes these six weeks of summer even more important than ever.

Whether you do choose to take up those offers on a summer day out or spend a day chilling at home, make sure that your summer is filled with enjoyable plans that you may not have had time to do recently. Have a taste of this new found freedom over summer whilst we have the chance to.