I keep getting emails from Sainsbury's offering me money off my first online shop.

I delete them and they keep sending them gradually raising the offer. I am perfectly fit and I, like most adults, have had my covid jabs so why are the supermarkets so interested in getting me to shop online when this ties up staff in the shop and also costs them money to buy and run a van to deliver the shopping?

I think people should realise these companies are not offering this service for your benefit, the supermarkets just like the banks have a long-term plan and if large numbers of people use the service the local supermarkets will close and the companies will operate from a central automated warehouse with the loss of jobs locally and there is the loss of business rates from the town so residential council tax payers will have to pay more for the local services.

Ocado already has warehouses operated by robots, which recently had a fire caused by robots colliding resulting in thousands of orders being cancelled and this is what the supermarkets want to move to. I am saying people should stop on-line shopping and go back to shopping at your local supermarkets or pay the price in the future. 

Paul Dakin