Say hello to the newest addition at Dudley Zoo: Marmite the baby Emperor Tamarin.

Marmite is supposed to be something you love or you hate but we guarantee that you will go nuts for this little guy.

He was born July 23, to 11-year-old mum Rae and dad, Eddy, aged ten.

The baby tamarin joins the zoo's small primate house but keepers are still confirm its sex. 

The zoo also confirmed on Twitter that mum and dad are doing well.

Curator Richard Brown, said: “Keepers have yet to confirm its sex, but everyone is thrilled with Marmite’s progress over the last two months and it is already starting to take interest in solid foods.”

Emperor Tamarins are ative to the South and Central American rainforests.

They can be easily recognised by their long, white moustaches.

When a new baby is born, the males look after the offspring and will carry and clean them.

They will only pass the baby on to the females for feeding.

You will now be able to spot baby Marmite in the zoo’s indoor Small Primate House when you visit the zoo.

The zoo's Castle Hill attraction starts is reduced winter opening hours from Monday September 27.

The 40-acre site will be open from 10am until 3pm until the Spring.