OWNERS of an uninsurable dog who racked up thousands in vet fees having lifesaving blood transfusion call on Government to cut VAT. 

Thomas Luxton, owner of Freddie the cocker spaniel, wants the government to reduce the VAT on vet's bills from 20 to five per cent.

Freddie has a blood clotting disorder which makes him difficult to insure and he was admitted to Blacks Vets in Dudley in May to have a life-saving blood transfusion.

The vet bill came to around £7,000 in nine days and with further treatment that total now stands at about £10,000.

The six-year-old and dog was rescued by the RSPCA from an illegal puppy farm where he spent several years behind bars.

He has a blood clotting disorder which not only made him hard to rehome but also difficult to insure.

Mr Luxon, from Dudley, said: "Freddie picked up an unknown virus and he then had bloody diarrhea, but due to his blood clotting disorder, we discovered it was worse than anticipated and he was unable to heal quick enough whilst his body was overcoming the virus.

"Monday was the hardest day, his blood count dropped to 8 per cent PCV.

"The only options were to decide whether we would try a blood transfusion or put him to sleep.

"It was very risky and his chances were slim: He could get a reaction from the donated blood and because his count was so low, it was likely he could now have organ damage.

"It was possible that the blood wouldn't arrive in time and any movement could cause him to collapse. We said our our goodbyes and he licked us.

"It was heartbreaking.

"Freddie has survived the blood transfusion, but is still making slow recovery.

"We have been so emotional and have been close to breaking point and the stress of not being in control of the financial cost and whether it was worth it.

"He has finally been given the all clear last week requiring no ongoing medication and no long term organ damage which defies all odds considering how low his PCV levels were.

"We didn’t have insurance because we knew he had a condition when we decided to take him on in January 2020 from the RSPCA.

"He was rescued from the RSPCA from an illegal puppy farm and never had any human contact till he was five years old."

Mr Luxon is now asking Dudley News readers to sign his petition calling on the government to consider reducing VAT on vet bills from 20 to 5 per cent.

To sign the petision, visit petition.parliament.uk/petitions/590352 or to donate to Freddie's vet costs, visit uk.gofundme.com/f/support-towards-freddies-vet-bills.