BLACK Country rock band WEAK13 are aiming for the stars with their new sci-fi themed music video.

Band members Wesley Smith and Nick J Townsend travelled to the National Space Centre in Leicester for a photoshoot with Google photographer Billy Ghuman to complement their next single release 'Dock' which will be available from December 13.

Filming for their science fiction adventure began early 2021 at various locations around the UK but was forced to halt for several months after singer guitarist Nick J Townsend was temporarily injured.

Filming has now wrapped up and the music video will be released shortly after their Christmas single comes out.

Bassist Wesley Smith said: "We had to wait till Nick recovered from a serious spine injury before continuing with any more filming. It was necessary to take time out for several months as we couldn't risk completing the production until we were sure Nick was okay.

"It's actually quite normal for Nick to have some kind of an accident on a film set but for the first time ever in our band history he hurt himself somewhere else for a change."

The cover art for the single will feature commissioned work by Worcestershire artist Andy Meanock who has previously worked for DC Thomson (The Beano), Templar publishing and The 77 comic.


WEAK13 cover art by Worcestershire artist Andy Meanock

WEAK13 cover art by Worcestershire artist Andy Meanock


A 2022 calendar showcasing art for WEAK13 by Andy Meanock will also be released soon.

The song will not be included on the forthcoming WEAK13 double album, scheduled for summer 2022, and is designed to give fans a treat before the big launch.

Nick J Townsend described the new single as "a fitting song to conclude 2021".