A CASCADE of poppies has been unveiled at Dudley Castle as a moving Remembrance tribute to fallen soldiers.

The poppies, flowing down from the top of castle's 11th century keep, can be seen for miles.

It has been created by a huge cargo net, filled with large weather proof poppies, that falls down to the cannons on the ground below.

The moving display will be in place at the Dudley landmark for most of November as part of this month's Remembrance commemorations.

Residents have been moved by the display on social media, with Maureen Cooper commenting: "Just beautiful, a very poignant tribute, well done all involved with this."

It has been organised by local group Dudley Remembers, who invited people to sponsor a poppy.

It formed part of the celebrations for the Royal British Legion's 100th birthday.

Remembrance Sunday takes place on Sunday November 14, following Remembrance Day on Thursday November 11.