A DUDLEY councillor's bid to build a new home on land where past coal mining is believed to have taken place has now been approved.

Councillor Khurshid Ahmed had submitted an application to build a three-bedroom house on a small piece of green amenity land at the junction of Steppingstone Street and Greystone Passage but it was initially turned down by members of Dudley's planning committee who were told the elected official had failed to provide a full risk assessment to allay concerns about previous coal mining activity.

The Coal Authority had objected to the application and local authority planners raised concerns about the possibility of future instability of the building if there were undetected problems with the land, located in the St James's ward in an area where historic unrecorded underground coal mining activity was likely to have taken place at shallow depth.

In an updated report, however, submitted ahead of Dudley's development control committee meeting on November 17, officers recommended approval of the scheme after the applicant submitted an appropriate coal mining risk assessment.

The report said: "The development would provide new housing to help meet the borough's demand for new homes, and the proposed type and tenure layout and design are appropriate for the area and can be accommodated without any significant adverse impact on existing residents or the local highway network. "The proposals would provide a good-quality development, which is considered would make a positive contribution to the area and which constitutes sustainable development."

Members of the committee subsequently gave the thumbs up to the plan, subject to conditions.

The detached property will front and have access to Greystone Passage and off-street parking will be provided to the side - with a private garden also sited to the side. Inside, the home will comprise two large reception rooms, a kitchen and WC on the ground floor and three bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.