THE Met Office has warned a storm named Dudley could be on the way next week brining a risk of 'substantial snow.'

Forecasters have already issued a yellow warning for wind for much of northern England and Scotland on Wednesday (February 16).

But the Met Office says this could be upgraded to a more severe amber weather warning if forecasters are sure the storm, which will be named Dudley is definitely on its way, reports The Mirror.

Meteorologists have warned the severe weather could pose a 'danger to life'.

Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan told The Mirror: "Wind will be the primary cause for concern next week.

"It's still a way away, hence why we have only issued a yellow weather warning.

"There is the potential for us to issue an amber warning and for it to become a named storm.

"We haven't named it today as it is 72 hours away or more.

"But if we have more confidence this time tomorrow we may.

"It would be named Storm Dudley.

"It will bring damaging winds and cause disruption to power networks, ferry crossings and travel.

"Widespread disruption is likely. Gusts of 90mph are possible in the hills of Scotland but if we see 70mph gusts in Edinburgh and Glasgow it can cause more disruption."

He added: "Through this week northern parts of the UK will see snow.

"We will see snow in the higher parts of Scotland tomorrow, in places such as the Grampians and the Highlands."