THE Grand Theatre at Wolverhampton has cancelled a forthcoming production by the Russian State Ballet.

The show had been due to run from Monday February 28 to Wednesday March 2.

A statement released by the theatre said management and the board of trustees at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre had taken the decision in light of the unfolding attack by Russia on Ukraine.

It stated: “Discussions and consultations between management, producers, and agents have been ongoing since last Thursday.

“The decision to cancel is absolutely the right thing to do given the circumstances, however this will have a significant financial impact on the theatre which is still in recovery following the closure forced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Wolverhampton Grand Theatre is a charity which works extensively within the whole community, working with everyone.

“All customers who have purchased tickets for the ballet will receive a full refund.”

Customers are urged not to contact the theatre – they will receive a direct communication within the next 14 days.