A DUDLEY veterinary practice received a surprising call from a dog owner whose pup was thought to be lost underground.

Victoria Hogan from Lickey, Worcestershire carried out an eight-day vigil after her border terrier ran down a badger sett while out for a walk in Lickey Hills Country Park on March 17.

On day eight, Victoria lost hope and returned home, leaving a bowl and blanket in case six-year-old Freda reappeared.

However, miraculously on March 28, Freda was found alive by three students on the side of a nearby road.

Dudley News: Brian, Victoria, Freda and Bert. Brian, Victoria, Freda and Bert.

She was rushed to Blacks Vets’ veterinary hospital in Dudley where Freda received urgent treatment for dehydration, malnutrition, significant pressure sores and a host of cuts and scrapes.

Victoria, who works at Linnaeus-owned Blacks Vets along with her husband Brian, said: “The Badgers Trust and RSPCA really supported us, while Hereford and Worcester fire service even used specialist listening devices and cameras to try to locate her but there was no trace.

Dudley News: Freda and Bert. Freda and Bert.

“When I was told she was alive it felt like a miracle, and I ran out of the house to find her.

“She was very weak and bedraggled but she was alive, so we rushed her to Blacks Vets 24/7 emergency hospital in Dudley where my husband Brian is based.”

Dudley News: Freda at the sett. Freda at the sett.

Brian, better known professionally as Dr Brian Hogan, clinical director of Blacks Vets said in his 30 years as a vet it is the most incredible story he has known.

When Freda was brought to the vet, she had some significant pressure sores because of being trapped and wedged underground for so long and was hospitalised for two days.

Freda was then allowed home to be reunited with her brother Bert and the rest of the family.

Victoria and Brian say it’s a miracle she is alive.