ZOO keepers have excitedly announced the birth of Dudley Zoo and Castle’s second critically-endangered Bornean orangutan at DZC within four weeks.

Eleven-year-old Sprout gave birth over the weekend, but as an inexperienced mum has found first-time motherhood somewhat tough.

Thankfully, Sprout’s mum, Jazz, aged 30, who only gave birth herself a month ago, came to her daughter’s aid and has naturally stepped in to take over the care of her first grand-baby.

Jazz can therefore be seen nursing Sprout’s newborn alongside her own offspring, Jim, and keepers say they will continue to closely monitor both mums and babies.

Dad to both babies is Djimat, who arrived at the zoo nine months-ago as part of a carefully managed European Endangered Species Programme.

Keepers have yet to determine the sex of Sprout’s newborn.