OVER the term of this Labour Government, the only real success they will record in history is the breakdown of a solid Christian society and the introduction of a secular Britain unimagined a few years ago.

They have modelled everything on worldly possessions and done away with the very core and fabric of our society and then have the audacity to critisise the antisocial, selfish situation they themselves have encouraged.

The latest move by this ungodly lot is to repeal the blasphemy laws. Doesn't that make you laugh after we have already had to tolerate things like Jerry Springer The Opera and the wave of "Christian bashing" tolerated in a society hell bent on destroying itself and interested only in worldly power.

I celebrate Easter as our most important festival. When I was a boy, there was always the Easter parade with all the bonnets but it looks as if that isn't fashionable any more and is now restricted to the few traditional churches we have left, although some of our old people's retirement homes still enjoy that kind of fun.

But I see there was a Muslim parade to celebrate the birth of Mohammed.

It is about time we, as a people, stood on our own feet for once and dictated what we expect in our country, just as the Australians have started to do.

Prejudices are created not by host nations, as they would have you believe, but by people whose intention has been made clear to all - domination.

There is a world threat from the militant side of Islam and if we do not stand up to it now, we will be destroyed.

Malcolm Davis Dudley