I WAS unfortunate enough to be enticed to a Neighbourhood Watch meeting recently, one of the many gatherings we are all now used to at this time of year.

I was in the Neighbourhood Watch once, until one day my back door was kicked in while I was at one of their meetings and I had displayed their sign on the front door.

Crime is certainly not down. The figures are just doctored by this awful Government to disguise the true facts.

I see in the Dudley News this week local MP Ian Austin's sudden show of patriotism.

This man couldn't be more opposite of a patriot if he tried but now, suddenly, just before the local election, he is photographed with all his target local candidates with a Union flag on a table in front of them.

We have suffered the worst 11 years under Labour I can ever think of and if anyone is stupid enough to vote for them this time, they deserve all they get.

Our MP was among those who agreed to the UK signing the EU Treaty without even holding the referendum they pledged in their manifeso when they came to power.

I thank God this country still has a few good people and sincerely hope that everyone will come out and vote this year before it really is too late.

The people to trust are those brave enough to fight the next and vital war of words in Europe and I know the only people honest enough to do that are UKIP.

And the only local man ever to decently represent us was former UKIP councillor Malcolm Davis.

W Chambers Dudley