A money-saving mum has revealed three things you should ban this Christmas which could save you hundreds of pounds.

Parents across the UK will be worried ahead of the festive season as the ongoing cost of living crisis continues to bite.

But @littleloudvoice, the self-confessed “busy budgeting mum”, revealed a simple cash-saving tip on TikTok for families this Christmas.

She captioned her video on TikTok: "If you’re struggling, remember your kids don’t need these things to have a magical Christmas."

@littleloudvoice 3 Christmas savings we will be making this year 🎄 if you’re struggling, remember your kids don’t need these things to have a magical Christmas 🎄 #christmasonabudget #christmas2022 #christmas #budget #budgeting #budgetmom #savemoney #moneysaving #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

In the video she added: "I know how easy it is to get sucked into these products thinking it's going to make a magical Christmas for your children but just wanted to say that it isn't.

"You don't need to spend £50 on matching pyjamas that you're all going to wear just once."

She also refuses to buy a Christmas Eve box, adding: "In my experience I just fill them with stuff they don't even look at.”

The final thing she told her followers to do without this year is outdoor Christmas lights.

She said: "And you don't need to have all of these fancy lights outside of your house and paying the electricity bills on them which are a fortune."

The accumulated cost of these items will rack up costs of well over £100, and as @littleloudvoice said:"The magic of Christmas will be in the memories you make as a family."

Her followers were in total agreement, one commented: “Absolutely totally agree! We do some outdoor Christmas lights but I always buy them after Christmas in the sales and pack away for next year.”

Another added: “The Christmas eve box trend is just ridiculous.”

“The amount of pressure on parents to do all of this is insane,” added a third.