"UNSIGHTLY" white patches have been spreading across the walls of Dudley’s new leisure centre but council chiefs have insisted its nothing to worry about.

Dudley councillor Shaukat Ali spoke of his shock and concern upon seeing the white staining on the exterior walls of the Duncan Edwards Leisure Centre, which opened in January 2022.

He branded it "unsightly" and said he was concerned it could signify a damp problem.

After investigating the matter, however, council chiefs have insisted the problem looks worse than it is and they've pledged to take action.

Councillor David Stanley, cabinet member responsible for leisure centres, explained: “The white staining is a naturally occurring process called efflorescence where mineral salts in the brickwork come through to the surface.

“If left, it will disappear naturally over a period of time.

“However - we accept it looks unattractive, especially for a brand new leisure centre, and as such we will be taking action and attempting to brush it off as soon as it is dry.”