POLICE in Kingswinford have put a dispersal order in place after a memorial to commemorate tragic biker Pauly Skidmore resulted in one man being run over and a policeman being assaulted.  

A section 35 dispersal notice has been authorised from 4pm today (Tuesday March 28) in Kingswinford and will run for 48 hours.

It comes after huge crowds of people gathered at the weekend to pay tribute to Pauly - with "incidents of street racing, speeding" and "vehicles being used in an anti-social manner." 

It means officers will have additional powers to deal with groups causing anti-social behaviour, crime or disorder. 

They will be able to break up the groups and temporarily ban people from the area.

Dudley News: Pauly Skidmore Pauly Skidmore (Image: Facebook)

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: "The powers are being put in place after a memorial in the area on Sunday to commemorate a young man killed in a collision last week resulted in incidents of street racing, speeding and other instances of vehicles being used in an anti-social manner, which caused alarm and distress to local residents."

Insp Sarah Long from Dudley Police said: "We understand that people want to pay tribute to the young man who sadly lost his life last week and we respect their right to do so.

"However, it’s important that any commemoration is conducted peacefully and in a way that does not have a negative effect on others.  

"We are putting these measures in place to reassure the local community.

"It’s not a decision we have taken lightly, and while we won’t hesitate to use the additional powers the dispersal notice grants us, we hope we won’t have to."

Pauly, aged 19, died after a crash involving a van on Stream Road, Kingswinford, last week.