PEOPLE have just over one week to register for alternative photo ID if they want to vote at a Dudley borough polling station under new national rules which have come into force.

Under new legislation people have to show an approved form of photo ID if they want to vote at a polling station in the local election on Thursday May 4.

Approved forms of photo ID include a passport, driving licence or some travel passes.

People who do not have one of the approved forms of ID can apply for a free voter authority certificate, but it must be done before Tuesday April 25. It can be used at a polling station in the same way.

People can still vote by postal ballot without the need for any photo ID.

Balvinder Heran, deputy chief executive at Dudley Council, said: "These new rules are in place across the country and people need to be aware of what they need to do before heading to the polling station.

"There are a few alternatives to photo ID but the deadline for a voter authority certificate is fast approaching and I would encourage people to apply now if they need one."

People need to be registered if they want to vote in this year’s local elections. 

The deadline to register to vote is Monday April 17.