COUNCILLORS and community volunteers in Dudley have thanked building suppliers Jewson Partnership Solutions for their support on a community clean-up project at Wrens Nest.

The project, launched a few months ago to clear derelict land known as Millennium Gardens on the corner of Wrens Nest Road and Hillside Road, has already seen the land tidied up after years of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and fly-tipping.

A new Friends of Group has also been established to help maintain the land, which residents want to see used for fruit and vegetable growing and to encourage schoolchildren to learn about nature.

And after reaching out to local companies for supplies, Jewson Partnership Solutions has offered bricks, cement, sand, soil and tools that can be used to keep the project moving forward during the summer.

Joby Whatling, branch manager at Jewson Partnership Solutions Dudley Stores, said: “We love being able to support the local communities in which we live and work.

“Dudley Stores were delighted to be able to support this community clean-up project with materials and tools.

“We hope this area is now a space the residents and local community can continue to be proud of and enjoy. We’re looking to seeing more in the future for how this space progresses.”

Donna Haddock, chairperson of the Friends of Wrens Nest Millennium Green, said: “It’s great that Jewson Partnership Solutions have supported this project in this way, and it will genuinely make a massive difference.

“There’s so much we could use this area for, growing fruit and veg to support local cafes or organisations, plants and all manner of things to support local nature; so this is really exciting.”

Councillor Keiran Casey added: “It’s been great to see local residents come together to want to get this area tidied up, which is now looking better than it has done for well over a decade.”