STAFF at Dudley Zoo and Castle have celebrated the birth of a baby sloth.

Linne’s Two-toed sloths, Flo and Reggie, welcomed their second offspring two weeks ago and keepers are now busy thinking of a name for the newest arrival.

Upper primates section leader Pat Stevens said: “We’re really happy to have a compatible breeding pair and to welcome another lovely baby.

“The baby is alert and just like first time around, Flo is taking motherhood all in her stride.

"We’ve spotted Reggie coming over for a sniff of the baby, while one year-old Button is keeping herself to herself at the moment, but we’ve made sure she has a few extra treats now she’s a big sister!”

Sloths give birth hanging upside down, with the baby instinctively crawling on to mum’s stomach where it will remain for at least six months.

Keepers are yet to confirm the youngster’s sex.