THERE have been celebrations at a Quarry Bank school which after much hard work has received a ‘good’ Ofsted rating.

Thorns Primary School had previously been graded 'requires improvement' twice.

But following a leadership restructure, the introduction of new approaches to behaviour management and classroom practice, a new curriculum and assessment system – it has been onwards and upwards for the Thorns Road school.

Following an inspection in April, it has now been rated ‘good’ in all areas.

A new report, published by Ofsted, says “pupils enjoy and are very proud of their school” and know what is expected of them and it adds: “Pupils rise to the high expectations and challenge that leaders and teachers set for them in their learning”.

The report says clear routines have been put in place to ensure “good behaviour allows teachers to teach and pupils to learn” and praises the attention to detail in the curriculum and how staff are quick to notice if pupils need extra help and it adds: “Leaders’ vision of every child being safe, happy and learning because every adult is caring, happy in their work and skilled is a reality.”

Ofsted inspectors noted more could be done to address pupils’ errors in spelling and handwriting going forwards but it praised school leaders who “continually promote the love of reading” and ensure pupils learn to read with confidence and fluency.

Headteacher Rebecca Jordan said she was “delighted” with the new rating.

She added: “Everyone works so hard to ensure that the pupils have a great school experience, not just a good one in Ofsted terms.

“We have a great community, and the parents and children should be reassured to know that they are getting a good deal.

“It's onwards and upwards from here; we aren't going to be complacent. We always want better for our children."