Lewis Capaldi has claimed record labels "know nothing" about music in his first interview released since cancelling shows for the foreseeable future.

Following an emotional set at Glastonbury where the crowd sang along to some of his songs as he lost his voice, the 26-year-old revealed afterwards he would be taking some time off.

He said he was still adjusting to the impact of his Tourette’s and needed to get his "mental and physical health in order".

In his first interview since that announcement, on the YouTube series Hot Ones, Capaldi was asked what he had learnt while in the music industry, The Mirror reported.

Dudley News: Capaldi said most of the songs he thought would end up being hits ended up disappointingCapaldi said most of the songs he thought would end up being hits ended up disappointing (Image: Mark Runnacles/PA Wire/PA Images)

He replied: "The question is a good one. Right, you just learn that you don't know anything. You learn you don't know anything and nobody has the answers.

"You don't know what a hit is - every time I think a song is a smash hit, it's been a complete abject f*****g failure. Labels know nothing, you know nothing. Nobody knows anything. No offence."

Lewis Capaldi jokes about impostor syndrome

Next Capaldi opened up about his battles with imposter syndrome as he sarcastically quipped: "Life is meaningless".

He joked: "I was on the verge of a panic attack. My advice for people struggling? It's such a good question.

"If you're feeling like an imposter, it's probably because you suck. You're going to die alone everybody is what I'm saying to you.

"Erm, if you're out there, and you feel like an imposter - life is meaningless. None of this means anything. Hell is waiting for us all!"

Discussing his songwriting process, Capaldi said: "I think I spend most of my time hating myself when I'm writing songs, and I think that's fine, that's my process.

"I subject the general public to the pain of listening to my music so I feel like I should have to suffer as well".