A ROW over girls' trousers has broken out at a Sedgley school - with some parents vowing not to send their children in until the headteacher backs down.

Girls who returned to Beacon Hill Academy yesterday (Tuesday September 5) wearing stretch-style trousers were taken to one side and given a letter telling them they are "not in line with uniform policy" and will need to be "rectified."

The move has caused upset amongst some parents who say their children have worn the same stretch-style trousers in previous years without any issue.

The school said its uniform policy must be adhered to and that its strict standards prepare pupils for the world of work where uniforms must often be adhered to. 

It said it is giving pupils a grace period until next Monday. 

Parent Jo Farley said: "Our girls bodies are ever-changing as they develop into young women and tailored trousers are uncomfortable with the rigid waist.

"I have been informed that our girls will be sanctioned from Monday next week.

"If we do not send our children to school they will not provide any school work for them to complete at home."

The 51-year-old mother of four who works as a pharmaceutical representative has contacted Marco Longhi MP, the Board of Governors and Beacon Hill Academy. She said she will not send her daughter in from Monday unless the school does a u-turn on the issue.

She said: "In this time of financial crisis and with many of our young students suffering with mental health issues what is the rationale behind this.

"Trousers do not affect our children's ability to learn but the issue creates unnecessary anxiety for them when attending the academy.

"There are many parents up in arms about this."

Dudley News: The school on High Arcal Drive, SedgleyThe school on High Arcal Drive, Sedgley (Image: Google)

Parent Diane Butler said she had sent multiple daughters through the school wearing the stretch style of trouser. She bought her daughter's from New Look for £25.

The 55-year-old single parent of 11 said: "Everyone's in uproar.

"There has never been an issue up till now.

"I won't buy new trousers - I will keep her off school on principle. It's unfair. There's a lot of people standing by their guns."

Dudley News: A letter to parents on the issue A letter to parents on the issue (Image: Handout)

In a response to a parent headteacher Mr Sukhjot Dhami said: "we have a variety of brand-new trousers available in different sizes should your daughter wish to explore these options."

He added: "We are preparing learners for the real world. In various professions from fast food chains to civil service, healthcare, public and private sectors, factories and tech companies, dress codes are a standard requirement.

"These standards are crucial for young people to excel in the professional world of 2023, which values high standards, professionalism and good attendance."

Beacon Hill Academy has been contacted for comment.