A BID to convert a house in an Upper Gornal cul-de-sac into a children's home has been refused after objections.

The application to turn the house on The Paddock into a home for two children has been turned down after a councillor and a string residents complained.

Plans stated the existing garage would be extended to provide two extra bedrooms.

Councillor Adam Aston objected stating: "This property sits within a very small, residential cul-de-sac, the proposed extension to the property will be completely out of character with the rest of the street and turn a three bedroom family home into a six bedroom facility.

"The proposal brief outlines the plan to house 2 children receiving 1 to 1 care, totalling 4 individuals. No information has been provided as to why 6 bedrooms are therefore required. Is there a plan to increase occupants if planning permission were granted?!"

He said he shared police concerns over lack of information over security matters and a potential for increased police demand. Nine letters of objection were received from neighbours concerned about increased noise, lack of parking and criminal activity and devaluing properties.

One neighbour said: "We are concerned that the children that are housed in the property will have come from traumatic backgrounds and the conduct of these children will cause an effect on the residents of The Paddock."

Another said: "The Paddock is a fine location for living in, it has many residents who are mature and is currently an excellent, peaceful place to be part of.

"I feel that should this application be granted, it would devastate this balance, upsetting many tranquil lives."

Planners said "the application fails to sufficiently demonstrate that it meets a specific local need within the borough and the application cannot be supported."