Residents are being warned to stay vigilant after an elderly woman fell victim to courier fraud by a man pretending to be from West Midlands Police. 

Yesterday (Tuesday, January 9), a woman in her 70s was contacted by a man pretending to be a police constable from West Midlands Police who claimed her bank card had been used earlier that day for a fraudulent transaction. 

The conman then told her an investigation would be conducted and he would cancel her cards, but to do this she needed to hand over her bank cards. 

The suspect sounded convincing as he mentioned her address and basic details about her bank accounts. 

After telling her to place her cards in an envelope outside her home, they were collected between 9pm and 9.30pm that same evening. 

By 9.49pm two transactions were made from her accounts. 

Police Constable Chris Evans said: "These types of courier fraud can seem convincing but no police officer from any force will ever ask you to make a payment or purchase, withdraw or transfer money or ask for your bank details. 

"If anyone does it will be a scam. Put the phone down and call the police or your bank from another landline or mobile to check not the one you were called on."