KEEPERS at Dudley Zoo and Castle are asking the public to help choose a name for the attraction’s new baby giant anteater.

The pup has doubled in size since it was born on December 17 and has been delighting visitors who have managed to get a glimpse.

Section leader Sam Grove said: “The baby is making great progress and mum Lyra is doing fantastically well at rearing her second offspring and is busily showing her newborn to visitors through the den window, but it’s time the pup had a name, but as we can’t come to a decision, we’d like visitors to help us choose it.”

The zoo is running a Facebook poll asking supporters to choose from Miguel, Buddy, Teddy or Opel, which have all been suggested by the team.

The zoo’s anteaters form part of a carefully managed European Endangered Species Programme as the species is under threat due to habitat destruction in central and south America.