A DUDLEY borough secondary school has defended its policy regarding pupil access to toilets after an outraged mum claimed on Facebook that her menstruating daughter had been refused entry to a loo in an emergency.

The mum, who posted anonymously on the Streetlifers of Stourbridge And All Surrounding Areas page, told how her daughter’s school had been locking toilet doors and only opening them in five-minute intervals at break times and she said: “If the queue is long many children are then being refused entry and sent back to lessons.”

She added that her daughter was given detention after fleeing “out of utter embarrassment” after being denied entry to a toilet during monthly period - having “leaked through her uniform”.

The post attracted more than 400 comments from concerned parents and members of the community including Amblecote councillor Kamran Razzaq who urged the woman to raise the issue with local councillors – adding: “This is unacceptable.”

Many posters reacted with outrage to the accusation saying it was “absolutely disgusting” and “wrong on so many levels”. Others said it was a human rights issue and told the woman to get a solicitor.

The Wordsley School has since issued a response following questioning from the media of the school’s policy regarding toilet breaks.

Ashley Weatherhogg, headteacher at The Wordsley School, said: “Keeping pupils safe and well while maximising the learning opportunities of a school day is naturally a priority for the whole school community.

“In October last year, we contacted all parents to inform them of our new daily timetable, which contains scheduled comfort breaks, to help children focus on learning during lesson time.

“Our pupils are never asked to go more than 50 minutes between comfort breaks and the disabled toilet is always open to all pupils. Passes are given to children with exceptional or medical circumstances, who we recognise may need to visit the bathroom more often, and any pupil who urgently needs to use the facilities can approach staff for permission at any time.”